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PARIS IS A DESIRE (working title)

Andrea Inglese

  • Original Title: PARIGI È UN DESIDERO
  • Publication date: June 2016
  • Publisher: Gems/Ponte Del Grazie
  • Country: IT
  • 320 print pages
  • Dramedy


  • Epoch: Contemporary
  • Time Period: 21st century
  • Location setting: France, Italy
  • Themes: PEOPLE facing life, Life change, LOVE / HATE, FAMILY, Couple, Separation, Coming of age, Facing failure, SOCIAL CHRONICLES, Social relations, Multiculturalism, Integration, Amorous urge


Although the narrator grew up in Milan, he was always drawn to Paris. From his first trip there as a student to his eventual settling down there, this follows his various romances, loves, and musings on the complexities of relationships.


Winner of "The Bridge" Prize. The prize connects the Italian and the American cultures in order to promote the most recent literary trends in the two countries.

Born in Turin in 1967, Andrea Inglese is currently lecturer in Italian at the University of Paris III. Andrea Inglese has been described as a young Italian poet with “a laudable penchant for intelligence” (G. Majorino). His poetry shows an almost philosophical awareness of the emblematic value of everyday life, including its most detailed fragments, as well as of the contradictory nature of Being and the ambiguous reliability of perception.


Born and bred in Milan, the narrator as an adolescent has already developed the awareness of belonging to another place, an elected homeland where he can achieve his literary ambitions; this place is Paris. And the Ville Lumière, with its penniless artists and young bohemians in search of their place in the world, is exactly as he had imagined it: if anything it is in fact better, because it becomes the nest of all his love stories, from the ones as a young man, squeezed within tiny crowded studios in the most remote arrondissement, to the more mature ones, until he finally meets Hélène with whom he decides to share his future and who will give him a daughter.

These episodes from his life in Paris and the women he meets there are the starting point for a reflection on the complexity of relationships and other wider existential themes. The narrator’s tone is always slightly disillusioned and the events are described with an ironic and irreverent style.

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  • Author’s biography

    Andrea Inglese (born 1967) is an Italian poet, essayist, novelist, blogger, translator and literary activist. He lives in Paris, where he has held teaching positions in Contemporary Italian Literature at the University of Paris III. He has published eight books of poetry and prose. PARIGI È UN DESIDERO is his first novel.